FILA steps away from MMA, IMMAF ready

Monday, May 20, 2013

With the news that wrestling was in all likelihood out of the Olympics starting in 2020, the organizing body for wrestling worldwide, the International Wrestling Federation (FILA), has decided to get out of the grappling and amateur MMA business, presumably in order to focus on its core sports of Free Style and Greco.

FILA recently announced it has removed its claim to be the governing body for MMA on a worldwide level, opening the door for the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation to become the official oversight organization for the sport.

FILA elected to remove MMA as a sport from its federation – though a statement from the IMMAF said FILA will continue to back MMA competition it already has announced oversight of. But once those are complete, FILA essentially will be out of the MMA business altogether.

“This was the best decision possible that FILA could make regarding MMA,” stated IMMAF President August Wallen. “Now we can start to heal the fragmentation within the MMA community and secure strong and unified international representation for MMA everywhere. We hope FILA takes our offer of cooperation, as well as accepts our sincere support in their important task to save one of the oldest sports in the world on the Olympic program. As representatives of MMA, we fully support the continued opportunity for wrestlers around the world to compete in the Olympics.”

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