Faber: Barao more dangerous than Cruz

Thursday, July 19, 2012

“He’s definitely more dangerous (than Cruz). He’s got submissions, he’s got knockouts and he puts people in dangerous situations and that is one thing that Dominick may have the ability to do but hasn’t shown in his past fights. It’s not like an easier fight, but it’s a different fight and there is defiantly more danger involved.

He’s got good boxing and good wrestling and I got good boxing and good wrestling. He’s got solid submissions, I have incredible conditioning and I am more creative than the guys he has faced. When it gets to the later rounds I think I am going to have an advantage and the one thing that I have to watch out for are his knees, his spin kicks and leg attacks when it comes to kicks. I’ll be aware of that and be ready for a battle.”

“The guy being able to win that much in a row just means that he is mentally strong and well-rounded. He finds a way to beat guys. For me, I am a guy who is extremely well-rounded, I have been in big fights and I have great conditioning and my skill-set is well-rounded.

It’s a different fighter that he’s faced before and it sounds like he was better than all of the other guys he beat but I don’t think he is better than me, so, that will be the difference.”

transcribed by MMAMania.com…