Faber: I’d fight Bisping; he’d have a hard time hitting me

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

It’s all in good fun. I actually spent some time with him in Afghanistan, and the true thing about Bisping is – he loves to joke around but he cannot take a joke. I was giving him some crap about that. I remember one of the military ladies came up and said something was about a foot long, and I said (holding up fingers about an inch apart) ‘Well, Bisping said this is about six inches!’, and he friggin lost it. His face got all red, he was spitting around for a comeback.

You know, the bottom line is that I’ve got respect for Bisping, I think he’s a cool enough guy. But i’d get in there and scrap with him.

I think it’d go well. I think I’d have an advantage on the ground. I wouldn’t wanna take a clean punch from the guy because he’s so much bigger, but you know, for those that know martial arts, getting hit on the button is the scary thing and I think he’d have trouble hitting me. Although I have a great big chin here, I think he’d have trouble getting to it. So it’d be an interesting fight. I would do it. Let’s do it Bisping, we can do it on the internet. We can do some sparring, or charge people and have an exhibition bout.”

transcribed by BloodyElbow.com…