Faber: Motherf——, I’m still here

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Urijah Faber is certainly the UFC’s most recognizable fighter in it’s lower weight divisions, featherweight, bantamweight or flyweight. Faber has three times had a chance to regain a title after losing to Mike Brown, first versus Jose Aldo in the featherweight division in the WEC, then twice in the UFC’s bantamweight division versus Dominick Cruz and then again vs. Renan Barao. 

And thus lies the conundrum. Faber is the most marketable but with three title shots already it’s tough to justify another title shot. However, Faber has won his last two bouts impressively and he’s again on the short list of number one contenders at bantamweight. And of course if he ask him, he’s definitely right in the mix still:

“I think a lot of people like it better, but I do think there’s a mystique about a big guy fighting,” Faber said. “Just because people are impressed with things, like they can get their ass kicked by this big guy. Even though 99 percent of the time they’re wrong, they might not have the same feeling as the lighter weight fighters.”

So where does Faber go from here? He wants to see what happens between Barao and Eddie Wineland next month, though he’s already beaten Wineland. Someone like Brad Pickett is also a possibility.

The names have changed around him, but Faber has remained the constant. When Faber stormed onto the scene nine years ago guys like Kid Yamamoto and Pequeno Nogueira were at the top of the rankings in the lighter weight classes.

Faber has carried the torch for smaller guys into this next generation of MMA. The only problem is everyone else has struggled to catch up.

“I’ve been at the top for a long time,” Faber said. “To all the critics, all the people complaining about me getting another title shot – motherf——, I’m still here.”

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