Fan backlash forces Franklin to rethink TRT

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rich Franklin is a prime candidate to receive testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). At 38, he’s at an age where his natural testosterone levels inevitably decline. He’s sore in the morning when he wakes up and his recovery time is noticeably longer.

Franklin, though, says he is not on TRT for his fight against Cung Le on Nov. 10, which will headline the UFC on Fuel event in Macau, China.

For the record, Franklin holds no personal feelings against TRT. It’s legal.

However, when he initially mentioned during an interview months ago he would consider TRT, the response from fans on his Twitter and Facebook accounts was venomous.

“The public perception of TRT is that it’s cheating,” Franklin told “The moment I said I was actually thinking about it, I started getting quite a bit of backlash.”

“I don’t believe I’ve dropped off with my speed or strength or any of that,” Franklin said. “You can’t look at my last fight and say, ‘Yeah, Rich has lost a step and is looking older.’

“When that day comes, perhaps I will consider quitting or possibly taking TRT. More than likely, in my mind, I’ll choose retirement over the necessity of TRT to continue.”

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