Fedor Emelianenko’s lesser known brother Ivan

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In a 2007 interview, Fedor Emelianenko was interviewed about his yournger brothers. While Aleksander is well known, there is also the youngest brother, Ivan.

Q: Your younger brothers followed in your footsteps, right?

A: You can say that about Aleksander, the oldest of the two. He is 26, and he is already an M-1 champion. The rules of M-1 are very similar to Pride. It`s a Russian promotion, but a lot of foreigners compete in it as well.

Ivan is 18, and though he has a lot of talent, he does not have enough drive and ambition. However, he is not shooting for huge success either. At the very least, he is not ready for any sacrifices in order to reach certain results, unlike me, for example. And that`s normal. For each his own. Sport, especially martial arts, is not something people should be forced to do.

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Ivan has competed in Combat Sambo (see below), and has in the past voiced plans to enter the professional ranks, but has not done so yet. You think he will? The eyes have it.