Fedor’s FB page asks if he should come out of retirement

Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Tuesday Fedor Emelianenko’s official Facebook Fan page, with 500,000 likes, recently posed a question:

Fedor Fans!!! Would you like for Fedor to step into the ring once again?
Yes, but he’s has nothing left to prove.
Yes, I think he still has to cement his place in history.
No, he’s done so much for the sport and deserves his retirement.
No, a time comes when every great fighter needs to hang up their gloves.

The overwhelming majority of fans (1858 at the time of this writing) wanted Fedor back, but added he had nothing to prove. The next most votes (227) wanted him back and said he still had something to prove. The final, least popular options options were roughly equal, with 167 saying he shouls stay retired and deserves it, and the 154 saying simply that it is time for him to hang up his gloves.

The greatest question raised was not on the poll, and that is why was Fedor’s management M-1 Global asking the question?

Is Fedor considering fighting again?