Felice Herrig posts top 25 sexiest images, talks sex in marketing

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Felice Herrig top 25 sexiest pics- By CageInsider

From: FeliceHerrig
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From: FeliceHerrig
What’s everyone’s favorite?

Thank goodness that she isn`t trying to do that stupid shit with her lips.

haha no duck lips here… i usually just do that as a joke since it seems to be the chick thing to do

Now I am looking over every picture I’ve ever taken…
Never again will I pout.

MMA Architect
A slight pout is fine… especially if it’s one pout pic out of a group of 5 or more.
The problem is when the gal is duck-facing in every pic, regardless of where she’s at (on toilet), what she’s doing (laundry), who she’s with (bastard child)!

Glad to see no haters on here!!! They’re all great. You’re gorgeous. Keep doing your thing!!!

Agreed! If you’re really going to come out and hate, it should be mando to post your pic and let us judge you too ;). Herrig is is awesome in and out of the cage!  Jealousy’s a heluva drug.

Now thats too funny. The trolls wouldn’t dare post their own picture. notice none of them every use an avatar of themselves

Old Thrashbarg
You sure do love praise and attention.


MMA Architect
Fantastic body… cute face… kicks ass for a living… what’s not to love? 🙂
(One negative… I hate the corn roll look. And, not just on you… on all the female fighters who wear it. I know it’s to keep the hair out of the face in a fight… not arguing the functional aspects of the “doo”. But, aesthetically… NOT attractive.)

i dont know i dont think I look too bad in corn rows


no disrespect intended to you, felice but i just find girls prettier when they don’t talk about how hot they are.
I get sex sells, but i prefer to watch WMMA fights when the girls put on good shows, not because one of the women who is fighting is sexy.
You are pretty, but the way you taunted your opponent after the bell last fight and the fact that you post pictures like this to try and get fans seems kind of lame to me, gain fans by being a good fighter! not by posting pictures of you bent over sticking your ass out at the camera lense
and i’m not trying to be a white knight here… i just think women in MMA should focus on being good, not being sexy, and if you are sexy we will notice you don’t need to tell us.

First off I didn’t post the article Cageinsider did. second off you dont know the back story of my last fight. and third off if you’re not your biggest promoter then you will get left behind and not even get the opportunity for your skills to be seen. Its called marketing and drawing attention so people will watch you fight, promotors will book you and sponsors will pay you so you can actually make a living. If you don’t understand the career of an athlete and the importance of marketing then god help you.

“You’re and your”  used properly in the same sentence.
Being sexy and intelligent is a huge bonus.

i get you need to promote yourself but i like fighters who let their fists do the talking so to speak.
you can promote yourself all you want, but when you don’t have a fight coming up there is not much of a point, is there?
i’d like it if WMMA fighters were ranked by skills, not by how good they look.
i’m not saying its wrong that you use your natural good looks to promote yourself, i just think its lame, get fans from fighting not by being hot.
maybe i just don’t like this chael sonnen era where fighters try to get fans from means other than fighting, and then they are not overly exciting when they fight.

actually its even more important to promote yourself when you don’t have a fight coming up so you can stay relevant in the sport. A lot of people think that MMA fighters are rich and making all this money, which isn’t the case. The more you make noise the more you get paid outside of fighting. My fists always do the talking in the cage. I’m ranked #2 in the world in muay thai and #5 in MMA. And when i’m done fighting I want to branch out in the acting industry. so although things like this don’t promote fighting they do promote a career outside of fighting and help get my name out there in other industries. On top of that my sponsors appreciate the hustling outside of the cage when i’m not fighting because it helps them too. So thats a little back story for you. I guess Its hard for people who don’t fight and arent in the industry to understand. The more you make noise outside of fighting the more promotors want to put you on their shows and the more sponsors want to pay you ! I will continue to do what I do

Please stop posting your boo-hoo diary entries and stinking up this awesome thread.
People are trying to enjoy themselves.  Not debate why you’re lonely.

Penetration Skills
felice is very attractive.
as far as little mo s bitching about her posting hot pics.
anyone who makes a living getting punched in the face likes fighting more than their looks.
fact is MMA women get paid shit and sex sells. it is not like she is posting naked pics of herself (unless Santa comes through for once)

Felice will u marry me? (not even joking)

I will consider your offer


Felice it’s true, I would cook and clean and stay at home all day for you.
Serious I would do that

But who’s gunna make the money??

We don’t need money, we only need love ( and for you to make the money)!

You can work from home…..online.

When’s your next fight?

still working on it.

Anybody else like the real world pics more than the fake airbrushed ones?

Felice why do they mess with your photos so much. Doesn’t even look like a real person. The untouched pics are much more appealing

I don’t do anything to them. My manager does most of my photos and ads and he is really artistic. I guess it’s just his syle. But I have to agree. I llike the photos better when theyre not touched up. I look too much like clay when they are and honestly they don’t really need it. I guess my manager is just a perfectionist. He use to own an ad agency so all the ads had to be perfect

She is right, and Sex is the reason Im still getting fights, sex sells.
ha ha ha
Or you can pay for it.
Felice is the total package, she should be in the UFC killing it.

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