Fernando Vargas: Nick Diaz box me? He’s not even in the UFC

Saturday, January 29, 2011

After a three-year hiatus, former world champion Fernando Vargas will return to the boxing ring in 2011.

“It’s unofficial, but my wife says I got on the scale and it said 270. I don’t believe her, but I was definitely up there. I started seeing pictures of myself and said, ‘Man. Where’s my chin? My pants don’t fit anymore. What the hell happened?'”

A comeback fight with  super middleweight Henry Buchanan on April 16 at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas is still three months away, but that hasn’t stopped Vargas from contemplating what his next challenge could be.

This week, Nick Diaz mentioned he’d like a professional boxing match and named Vargas as a potential opponent.

“Right now, I’m thinking about [Buchanan],” Vargas said. “But listen, there’s another guy that’s been opening his mouth that’s in MMA — and that’s Nick Diaz.

“He’s been calling me out saying he wants to fight me. I’m like, ‘Who is this guy? You’re not an elite mixed martial artist. You’re not even in the UFC.’ That’s definitely a fight that interests me. He got my attention.”

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