Fertitta: New York isn’t going to make or break our business

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Over the past decade the UFC has pushed to raise awareness and promote the sport of mixed martial arts across the country and across the globe. The UFC has expanded into Europe, Brazil, Asia, Australia, but here in the United States one state has still kept the UFC out, New York. Although the UFC continues to push for an event in New York, it’s not something they HAVE to do:

With all the media opportunities in and around Super Bowl week, holding the PPV card in the same state helps Fox and the UFC to work together and align themselves with the country’s biggest sporting event.

The Saturday night card will be held just days after the NFL’s Super Bowl media day also takes place at the Prudential Center. The opportunity is there for the UFC to attract even more fans, and maybe sway some New York lawmakers.

“The state of New York isn’t going to make or break our business,” Fertitta said. “We do business all over the world. We’re doing most major capitals in Europe, South America, Asia. Most big cities are bidding for us to come here because they know the economic impact we have on the cities. But at the end of the day, it just comes down to principle.”

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