Fertitta okay with Daley’s return, White still undecided

Friday, May 30, 2014

Paul Daley was released from the UFC in 2010 after attempting to sucker punch Josh Koscheck after a loss in the Octagon, and hasn't been welcome back. Daley's management team recently wrote a letter to the UFC requesting a return, which is now apparently solely in the hands of UFC President Dana White:

“What Paul Daley did is unforgivable. In the history of the UFC, nobody has ever walked up and sucker punched a guy (besides Paul Daley). Paul Daley had his management write me a letter a few days ago, basically saying he’s grown up since that incident, he’s on a winning streak, it’s one of the biggest regrets in his life, and things like that,” White said to reporters at a media scrum today.

White also said that he showed the letter to Lorenzo Ferttitta, who ultimately has left the decision up to Dana White himself. White noted that it’s a difficult decision, and hasn’t had a chance to think about it as of yet.

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