Fight Metric scores controversial bout 29-28 for Matt Wiman

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Matt Wiman was convinced he’d won the fight and so was much of the crowd in attendance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, but that’s not the way the judges saw it. Denis Siver did enough in the first and third rounds to take a unanimous decision, 29-28 on all three cards, in bout No. 3 on the UFC 132 pay-per-view.

When the decision was announced Wiman ripped his hand away from the referee, stormed out of the cage and actually left the building. The loser eventually came back after walking around the parking lot.

“I did a lot of damage. Maybe he got the decision because he threw more punches, but they weren’t effective. Effective striking and grappling is what they say and he didn’t have that at all,” said Wiman.

FightMetric seems to agree.

In the critical third round, Dennis Siver dominates Matt Wiman both on strike volume (47-6) and in significant strikes (11-6),  but was reversed in power strikes (1-3). In addition, Wiman scored two takedowns and a guillotine attempt, giving him the round in Fight Metric’s judgment.