Fight for the Forgotten begins

Friday, November 01, 2013

Justin Wren left for the Congo on Tuesday. and will spend the next year trying to free 1,000 Mbuti Pygmy slaves at great physical peril. His Fight for the Forgotten project aims to barter their freedom, move them onto already-purchased land, and teach them self-sustainable skills.

Wren’s story is being being chronicled by SI MMA writer and New York Times bestselling author Loretta Hunt. Howard Books, the Christian imprint of Simon & Schuster, has bought the book, which will be titled Fight for the Forgotten.

Wren just arrived in Uganda (via Bagdad and Qatar) and was able to post on Facebook:
•Made it safe! In Uganda shopping for enough PVC & Steel pipe to drill 8 water wells! That is 50, 20 foot long pipes! #FightForTheForgotten
•Excited to have made two great new friends in a short two days in Uganda. They are helping me over and above in acquiring everything I need for Congo. I love this continent! With Thomas Cox from Water4 & Ugandan music/TV star Maurice Kirya. If this reaches anyone in Uganda, come out to the grand opening of The Sound Cup Coffeehouse in Garden City.

Justin plans to leave Uganda after the weekend and drive into the Congo rainforest to begin implementing the plan.

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