Fighter Justin Wren meets children who have never seen a white man before

Friday, September 28, 2012

Great White Sasquatch/Vanilla Gorilla in Congo!

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So last time I posted a video it was a bit of a downer... This time I hope it brings a huge smile to your face!

Please feel free to let me know what you guys think of this video, what you think would be going through your mind, etc.

Wouldn’t it be SURREAL if you were being the FIRST of your ethnicity to EVER be seen by people??? Think of 3 and a half weeks of it! This was in one of the towns were we were getting food to take back to Andibo’s sick mamma after she was mourning the loss of her son… Even after burying a 1 and 1/2 year old boy somehow children can bring joy to you in the worst of circumstances… You’ll see what you mean when you see the video and see their smiles.

Also as a heads up… Within a week or two I am launching at least one page where we can start officially taking donations for the foundation I am starting to help the Mbuti Pygmies! Don’t think I have forgot… My heart is wholeheartedly invested into helping this people, the Pygmies, my family, my brothers and sisters.

We are targeting land to buy them… $160 an acre, $400 a hector (2.47 acres) of UNCUT, UNTOUCHED land in the 2nd LARGEST rainforest in the WORLD.

We already got them the first land of their own in Eastern Congo 🙂 I was there when it was signed over by the local cheifs… I walked the land with my Congolese friends. About 40 acres so far… We have our eyes on a BIG dream of 1 sq kilometer (588 acres) $38,000 and connecting to is another FOUR kilometers of prime rainforest with a massive river running through it with waterfalls… Good location to find water sources for water wells. Keep in mind Pygmies are made human slaves and thought to be half animal… That is why I buried Andibo because he was turned away from the hospital TWICE.

I sponsored a water well while I was there… I am excited to let you guys know how we can do that together too! WAY cheaper than you think!!!

On the land we could maybe start a Pygmy hospital where no one is EVER turned away!

Anyways this is my rant for the evening 🙂 Love you guys… Oh and let’s continue to support Frank in #FranksFight on here, on twitter, on the UG and with donations! If you see this Frank, sending blessings and prayers your way dude.