Fighter calls for greater fan support of Bellator

Friday, September 30, 2011

The UFC has crushed or/or bought a parade of potential competitors, including Affliction, EliteXC, IFL, PRIDE, Strikeforce, WEC, and the WFA. That leaves Bellator as the second leading promotion in the sport.

Some fans are frustrated with the lack of coverage of anything but the UFC, and have called for a greater emphasis on Bellator. Some MMA news sites including MMAJunkie and Sherdog have worked hard to offer an array of news from across the sport. Other sites, and many include the UG News among them, have not made an outsized effort to cover Bellator extensively.

Below, Bellator standout Brian Rogers makes a call for greater fan support of Bellator.

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FRAT warning

Would love to see the UG run more Bellator news and stories. But people have to read and care about them and click and respond.

Great fights are going down in Bellator each and every week! The same people who complain about the UFC, its matchmaking, etc. and say it’s a monoloply are the same people who still are buying every UFC PPV and not watching Bellator. It’s ridiculous , first and foremost I’m an MMA fan. I’ve spent my own money to go to plenty of UFC’s, Adrenaline shows, and Bellator before I was signed.

Support the Sport and its fighters! Yes the UFC has the majority of the upper tier fighters, but there’s a good number of us that would ruin a lot of Zuffa fights’ days.

Example using myself, I just fought Victor O’Donnell who has wins over current UFC middleweight Rafeal “Sapo” Natal , and my teammate seven-time UFC vet  Forrest Petz both by stoppage. He lost by close decisions to current UFC middleweights &  UG member  Chris Cammozzi and also current UFC middle weight Constantino Philippou who just beat Jorge Rivera .

He has never been finished in his career, and I was able to get it done in under two mins.

There are great deal of Bellator fighters that can compete at the UFC level, especially at 135.

PS watch my fight OCT 15 Vs Alexander Shelmenko in Atlantic city NJ. You will be entertained 🙂