Fighter details circumstances around Thiago Silva arrest

Friday, February 07, 2014

The MMA world has some profoundly unfortunate news last night, as UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva, 31, was taken into police custody following an armed stand off at this apartment. This followed his showing up in a car armed at the Pablo Popovitch BJJ academy, honking the horn, and making threats from the vehicle.

UGer James Brasco, who is a pro fighter and BJJ black belt under Pablo Popovitch, offered his understand of what happened.

Ok, I just heard the deal and here is the underlying situation.

Pablo and his wife have separated.

For over a year now Thaysa has been training at Pablo's gym. No one really could figure out if Thaysa was still with Thiago since they haven't came to the gym together for a while.

Thaysa is part of the team and trains hard. She does and is around Pablo a lot. But she seemed to flirt around a bit once in a while saying she was single again. But her English is so broken that I and not anyone really could understand her.

Last weekend we watched the fights at a bar and Pablo was clearly hanging next to Thaysa. They looked like a couple to me. I asked Pablo and he said yes. They are dating.

I thought [Thiago and Thaysa's] marriage was maybe about papers and being a citizen – not because of love and I would think Pablo would have thought about this possible problem. Thiago has been separated from Thaysa for over a year, and some months ago they signed an agreement to that effect. Thaysa lives separately and alone near the gym. Thiago lives his own life and dates etc at his place about three miles away. They obviously were not together.

 Thiago has had “battery” charges against him over her and was currently wanted for threatening Thaysa last week.

Both adults were separated, like each other, and had a lot in common, so they started dating. Thiago came to gym honking his horn but stayed in car whole time while a class was going on. Thaysa went out to talk to him and saw a gun in his hand. She then came in and called the police. That is the story.

And BTW all you UFC ball huggers. I would take my shot at Thiago on the street before I would Pablo. Pablo is 200 pounds jacked he ain't gonna stand there and trade. This is not mma and hiago isn't gonna stop his shot. Thiago gets slammed on cement guys.

Put it this way. Thiago can't sweep me. Sub me. Take me down. Nothing. Good guard though. Pablo is a fuckin machine !!! He doesn't need mma. He makes big money with his gym.

Thaysa Silva