Fighter dies in SC following MMA contest, autopsy inconclusive

August 14, 2012

Saturday night at Conflict MMA Promotions: Fight Night @ The Point VI, in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Tyrone Mimms made his amateur debut vs. Blake Poore, at a catch weight of 180. It was the second fight of what was scheduled to be a 14-fight card.

According to witnesses, the 30-year-old, Augusta, Georgia based Mimms came out strong in the first; he was so dominating, the referee considered ending the fight. However, Mimms gassed out in the second round, and the referee stopped the fight.

Mims smiled, spoke coherently, and told a ringside doctor he was OK, but needed rest. With help he walked to the locker room, where he removed his gloves and drank water.

Within minutes, Mimms began breathing heavily, became incoherent, and passed out.

Mims faded in and out of consciousness as emergency crews attempted to revive him. He was pronounced dead at Medical University Hospital at 9:27 P.M., according to Charleston County Deputy Coroner Dottie Lindsay.

When the event organizers became aware of what happened, they scrapped the rest of the card and webcast.

Mimms was a member of an online MMA reality series titled Georgia Boy's Grits n Glory, where he was went by the nickname "Teestea." He fought out of the August Fight Club, under coach Chris Hauser.

The reality series producers also handled the webcast, and explained the cancellation, via Facebook.

We here at Georgia Boy's Grits-n-Glory apologize for the initial technical difficulties during our live broadcast tonight. We also would like to explain why the live feed was cut short. One of the fighters, who happened to be our own Tyrone "Teesta " Mimms, was fatally injured tonight, possibly as a result of his fight. The promoters and the South Carolina Fight Commission consulted with the fighters and all involved and decided as a result of the death of one of their own we should call off the rest of the fights. The promoters and the Athletic Commission did everything in their power according to protocol and this accident was beyond their control. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you'll understand as we deal with the gravity of the situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with Teesta and his immediate family, which include his 5 children. We will do anything in our power to assist his family in their time of need and ask all of our fans for their prayers and support. We will update y'all as we know more about the arrangements for the services. Thanks for your support and understanding.

This is one of only a handful of deaths in mixed martial arts, but is the second death in South Carolina. Michael Kirkham died on Monday 28 June 2010, following his professional MMA debut on Saturday 26 June.

Both cards were regulated by the South Carolina Athletic Commission.

Mimms would have had to have met the standard requirements for licensing in SC, including blood work for HIV and Hepatitis, an opthamalogical exam, and a physical. Mims would also have been examined by a ringside physician the day of the event.

Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten said Monday's autopsy revealed “no obvious, glaring cause of death,” and that a microscopic exam of heart and brain tissue and cell studies will be needed. Those tests could take up to two months.

Wooten said no major trauma was visible on 30-year-old Tyrone Mims.

Before the skirmish, the fighter took the painkiller Percocet, according to an incident report by the Mount Pleasant Police Department. Toxicology testing should reveal whether it played a role.

“I just don’t have a definitive answer at this time,” Wooten said. “Unfortunately, it’s going to remain a very sad mystery at this point.”

“He wasn’t being hit hard; he was simply not bettering his position,” said a witness. “It was a textbook stoppage. But he wasn’t hurt. He was just tired.”

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A fund has been established to help cover funeral expenses.

Further details will be provided as the story develops.

Blake Moore (l) vs. Tyrone Mimms (r)

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