Fighter taps out, goes out, convulses, wins by TKO

Thursday, August 02, 2012

At Jesse Camp’s Warrior Nation Xtreme Fighters Alliance “Warrior Nation III” at the Hu Ke Lau Showroom in Chicopee, Mass., Justin Kristie and David Baxter made their amateur debuts.

At about 4:10, Kristie locks in a triangle, and Baxter appears to tap, or at least throw some open hands strikes in a closed fist contest.

Then Baxter goes to sleep.

Then the bell sounds.

Then Baxter starts to convulse.

Then Kristie and camp celebrate.

Then Baxter comes to, and far more than a minute passes.

Finally, Baxter is allowed to continue to the next round, and wins via TKO.

Now, you have seen it all.

Should there be a rubber match?

Thanks for the heads up to CagePotato.