Fitch: I have fifeteen fights left in me

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jon Fitch has been fightng professional for eleven years and at 35 years old has 30 professional fights, but according to his recent appearance on the MMA Hour, he still has plenty left in him:

“I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to make this debut the biggest debut I could. I was looking for something bigger,” Fitch said. “I think this company put a lot of effort into promoting me and getting me out there and I wanted to step up and represent and help take World Series to that next level. Because I knew a lot of people would be watching after everything that’s transpired over the last several months.”

Yet, Fitch doesn’t believe he’s anywhere near being done. To hear him tell it, sure he had his hiccups in the UFC. And no, things didn’t go well against Burkman. But he’s ready to keep going. He’s ready to be with WSOF for the long haul. He told Helwani he’s eying five more years in the sport. If things go well and he can stay healthy, maybe 10. Either way, he’ll be in his forties before he’s ready to walk away from the sport and the loss to Burkman, if everything goes well, will be a distant memory.

“I figure three times a year, that’s at least fifteen fights in five years if you’re healthy,” Fitch stated. “I think I have fifteen fights left in me.”

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