Florian: JDS trading with Hunt ‘too dangerous’

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mark Hunt is one of the heavyweight division’s most powerful punchers and although Junior Dos Santos is a revered striker in his own right, the best game plan might be to take Hunt to the mat to avoid his powerful striking game:

According to “UFC Tonight” analyst Kenny Florian, who suggests that dos Santos’ coaches should advise him to take the fight to the ground and avoid trading punches with “Super Samoan.”

“Ken-Flo” feels that’s a “dangerous” game to play for the former 265-pound champ.

His words:

“Mark Hunt can knock anybody out. His leaping left hook is as deadly of a technique as we’ve seen in the UFC. We may very well see Junior dos Santos revert to an offensive ground game. If I’m Junior dos Santos’ coach, I’d say take Mark Hunt down, and don’t trade with him, that’s going to be too dangerous.”

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