Florian: Silva avoiding Weidman because he’s a bad match up

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

37 year-old UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is looking for a few big fights before he retires.

#1 contender Chris Weidman recently sat down with UFC president Dana White and made the case.

“I want to fight Anderson Silva,” said Wiedman. “I’m going to beat him. I’m going to be the next world champion.”

However, Silva manager Ed Soares has other plans.

“We want to fight someone that has as big of a name as possible and that’s on a winning record or a winning run right now,” said Soares. “So, I mean right now it seems like most of the guys with names have had losses very recently. So, when I think about it, like the only thing that comes to mind and I don’t even know if that would be a possible fight is, you know, like Cung Le.”

White responded to the idea bluntly.

“This is typical Anderson Silva, Ed Soares craziness,” said White. “Every f—ing time there’s a fight, he wants to fight ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson. Then he wants to fight this guy and that guy. It’s always the same deal.”

Kenny Florian appeared recently on UFC Tonight, and said emphatically that Silva should fight Weidman.

“This is my problem, I give Anderson Silva a pass for pretty much anything,” said Florian. “But when he starts calling out guys like Luke Rockhold and Cung Le and you’re saying you want big name fighters, those guys are maybe at the same level as far as name recognition.

“I believe Chris Weidman is just a bad style matchup for Anderson Silva and that’s why he’s being avoided. If you’re calling out those guys, you better include Chris Weidman.”

Weidman certainly agrees with Florian. Do you?