Florian: UFC will cut ‘guys who are boring’

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

“I would have liked to see Jon Fitch stick around.” Florian told MMAmania.com. “I hate seeing any fighter get cut to be honest, that’s just obviously the fighter in me — my heart goes out to him. It’s got to be very difficult. The other side I do understand is that it’s a business and you do have to put on exciting fights and not a lot of people are willing to pay 50 dollars — 50, 60 dollars for a guy who is boring them or whatever.”

“Jon Fitch in my opinion was one of the best fighters in the UFC, he was extremely consistent, had a phenomenal record against excellent competition and was a top-ranked guy. But of course it’s the UFC’s decision, they can do whatever they want and Jon Fitch did lose his last fight pretty convincingly to Demian Maia, and you know, they have that right, they have that right as they do with everybody and everybody who is fighting for them.”

“They need to get rid of some people so they’re going to get rid of the guys who aren’t going to be the most exciting,” the three-time UFC title challenger said. “They want people who are going to tune into the pay-per-view, watch the fights, they’ll want guys to follow certain fighters and they’re going to get rid of the guys who are boring — and as a business guy I understand that.”

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