Florian weighs in on ‘knockout’ game

Monday, November 25, 2013

It’s an ugly crime that has been getting a lot of media attention lately, the knockout game. It’s simple, yet violent. A group of young men will single out a victim and one of them will try to knock the victim out with a punch. Former UFC lightweight Kenny Florian was one of many disgusted by news of the game spreading and weighed in on at recently to FoxSports.com:

I’m sure some of you have seen the sickening videos going around the internet about the kids who are playing the “knockout game”. For those who haven’t seen these videos, these kids are trying to knock strangers out cold to cure their boredom. These are surprise attacks that kids are springing on unsuspecting men, women and fellow kids. The attacks are happening in various parts of the country and many are getting seriously injured. As someone who spent many years studying mixed martial arts and training my body for unarmed combat, I understand the dangers of what they are trying to accomplish. This is NOT safe, NOT funny and extremely dangerous.

There is a saying in combat sports that goes, “the punches you don’t see are the punches that hurt you”. When the eyes, brain and/or body aren’t prepared to take a strike, the blows are way more likely to hurt or incapacitate someone. These are the very dangerous blows that kids are executing on the streets of major cities across the U.S. Imagine walking down the street on your way to work and having someone hit you on the jaw as hard they can without you even seeing them coming. This is a violent attack, plain and simple.

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