For Lauzon, Pulver, Neer, and others, Diaz did enough to win

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The great part about Twitter is often gut reaction and quick dissemination of over information. Usually athletes will tweet their real thoughts without having taking the time to think it over, reconsider, etc. So what you get is their gut response. Last night when Nick Diaz  and Carlos Condit battled to a decision for the interim title, a bevy of UFC and Strikeforce fighters tweeted their support of Diaz

I eagerly await fight metrics for this fight… I thought Diaz won that all night long.

I HATE judges! @ufc

That decision was an absolute joke. At best, Condit won 2 rounds.

Diaz wins via ring generalship, one moving forward, one moving
backward. Ala delahoya vs Trinidad in my opinion, it’s 3 opinions that

Great fight Diaz 1,2,5 Condit 3,4

Gr8 fight! Think Diaz 4 rounds to 1. We’ll see! #ufc143

Wow really goes to show you how bad these judges suck Carlos ran the entire time

Wow. Nick got robbed 4-1 diaz. Carlos was doing the Forrest Gump #runforestrun

If I wanted to see a man run for 25 minutes I’d go to a track meet. Diaz is the real champ, what a bulls*** fight

 I meant Diaz rounds 1,2 & 5 and Condit 3 & 4

You got to be kidding me…

I wanted Nick to win but there’s no way Condit won 4 rds backing up