Fox 11 med. suspensions: Two out indefinitely (updated)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Today the Florida State Athletic Commission provided us the event results for the UFC on FOX 11, including medical suspensions for the athletes:

Jack May: Indefinite suspension, needs neurological clearance

Luke Zachrich: 30 days suspension

Esteven Payan: 30 days suspension

Thiago Alves: 21 days suspension, right hematoma

Marsid Bektic: 180 days suspension or facial CT clearance

Brad Tavares: 45-days suspensions, supra orb part hairline

Liz Carmouche: Indefinite suspension, needs orthopedist clearance for right wrist

Travis Browne: 90 days suspension, broken nose, cut over right eye

*Please note, these original suspension were released on April 20th. Additionally the suspensions for Alves and Bektic were added with amended results received on April 21st*