Frank Mir: ‘I still pose a very large threat to dos Santos’

Monday, April 23, 2012

“I still pose a very large threat to dos Santos,” Mir vowed.

“I still think it’ll be an interesting cat-and-mouse game between me and Junior, because what I want to be able to impose on him, he’s going to try to avoid, and vice versa.”

“I’m sure he fights for his own reasons,” Mir explained. “I mean, if he says that to sell pay-per-views, I’m sure it might be thrown out. But as far as deep down inside, when he’s in the locker room getting ready to walk out to face me, when you’re a fierce competitor like that, you don’t really do it for outside sources.

“If you do it for any other reason other than what’s inside you, the internal drive that you have to want to conquer this, it’ll fall apart.”

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with pouring a little gasoline on the fire in the fight game, and no one knows that better than the former champ. So it was only natural for Mir to finish his thoughts by tossing a special caveat dos Santos’ way.

“I do think though, it has to be a little nerve-racking that the guy that you roll with as a coach, got submitted by the guy you’re about to face,” Mir slyly chuckled. “That has to be a little bit in the back (of your mind.)”

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