Frank Shamrock: Dana White is bringing MMA down

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Frank Shamrock recently appeared on BJPenn.Com Radio and covered a wide variety of topics, including Dana White, Jon Jones, and the UFC 151 cancellation.

White and Shamrock have engaged in a long and public feud, quotes from which form an encyclopedia of insults. Is there any chance of reconcilliation?

“I don’t see that being a possibility,” said Shamrock. “I say that because I knew Dana before he bought the UFC. I knew what he was like and they made promises that things were going to be different and I didn’t sign with them. That made me a mortal enemy because I refused to sign with them. I have no intentions of going with those people who misled and tried everything to end my career.”

There will be little surprise to hear that Shamrock comes down firmly on the Jones’ camp side of the UFC 151 cancellation.

“I don’t know if Jones made the right decision or not, but I liked the decision,” said Shamrock. “I personally don’t like Dana so I like that he stood up to him. Dana is just a big bully and a blow hard. It’s sad to see someone of Jones’ stature brought down by the President of the company. He was basically laid out and destroyed because he didn’t take one for the team. I feel bad for the fans, but fighting is fighting.”

“I definitely think it’ll be a negative factor in the long run. I mean these are our sport’s heroes, guys we want our children to emulate. You got a guy like Dana who doesn’t care about the talent or the fans. He puts himself, his ego and his desire to make money in front of everything.

“He’s destroying Jones’ brand in the process, it’s not Jon’s responsibility to save the card. Dana White has $100 million, why didn’t he pay the fans back or the fighter’s salaries? Jones made a decision that was right for his family; it has nothing to do with the billion dollars the Fertittas are sitting on. It’s ridiculous in my opinion, the whole sport is ridiculous.”

“MMA is being promoted as something cool to do on television,” Shamrock continued. “It’s not being promoted as the martial arts lifestyle and something that can enrich and better your life. It’s being promoted with hot chicks and guys with tattoos beating the heck out of each other in a cage. That’s cool and all, but there are a lot of shortcomings to that.

“I don’t want my family to see that, I don’t want them to hear Dana dropping F-Bombs. The guy who has made himself the star of MMA is the biggest douche bag and loudmouth on the planet and he’s bringing the entire industry down. If there’s no reason for us to be beating each other up than money then we should probably be doing something else. For me it was about surviving, helping people and sharing my knowledge. I don’t think Dana has that going for him, he’s not a martial artist!”

One thing Shamrock is positive about is Daniel Cormier.

“If there’s anyone that can beat Jones, Cormier definitely stands a chance,” said Shamrock. “Jones has the really crazy reach, it’s really scary. Cormier would be a major test for Jones because of his wrestling and how confident he is in the cage. The guy is an Olympian and he’s been through it all, but I also think he can do it all as heavyweight.”

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