Frank Shamrock blames Dana White for poor image of MMA in NY

Monday, October 18, 2010

“The face of our sport is Dana White and out here in conservative New York, the way people think, bald-headed, tattoo’d, swearing people are just not a good representative of our brand and unfortunately people think that Dana White speaks for MMA, and they’re confused,” Shamrock said Monday on The MMA Hour. “They don’t know he speaks for the UFC. They think he speaks for the entire sport and the entire sport is made up of Dana Whites.

“… I don’t think it’s all on him, but we’re entering a new era of social media and Dana is a very outspoken figure in every way, mostly with the f-bomb and all that. I’m a martial artist. To me, the art is the most important thing. I don’t get the same thing from Dana, that’s all.”

“I don’t believe that Dana White is a martial artist. I don’t see a martial way that he is following.”

“In no uncertain terms, what [New York politicians] have said is, ‘The appearance of the sport is something we’re not ready for,’ and the appearance of the sport is Dana White and the UFC because no one else has been here in the media and explain it and has credibility, who’s done it.”

“I know what the art is and I’m here to represent it. I think that’s all we need. We need a different face.”

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