Frank Shamrock details struggle with alcoholism

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The simple business transaction between ZUFFA and Strikeforce turned out to be at least one factor in Frank Shamrock’s recent struggle with alcoholism.

“I can’t pin my drinking issues on the sale of Strikeforce,” he said. “It’s a genetic disease I’ve been fighting my whole life. But that was certainly the pinnacle of coming to the realization I shouldn’t be out drinking. But I think it’s because I fought so hard, and we had fought so hard against the unbeatable adversary, the UFC. I had so much personally invested in the vision or the dream or the chance of Strikeforce. It was my whole life. I didn’t have another life. That’s all that I did. This whole experience and journey saved my life. It was a dark day. It was honestly a dark day when it was sold.”

While at that time, Shamrock was best known as a Strikeforce commentator on the Showtime broadcasts, he said he was much more deeply invested in the promotion than that surface role. He was a spokesman, a brand consultant, and previously, he was a main event headliner.

“I always thought that the barrier of me not being an alcoholic or having problems was not wrecking a car, killing somebody or drunk driving, ” he said. “I thought if you weren’t doing that, you were just fine. It turns out, I had a problem for years.”

Shamrock has since addressed the problem through sobriety meetings, and while he still works for Showtime as an analyst, he admits that it’s not easy for him to look at a company he helped build struggling under new management.

“I used to live on the streets,” he said. “I ended up in a prison. I’ve had the worst life you could ever imagine, and now I’m living the best life you could ever imagine. I mean, I rarely leave my house unless a limo pulls up. The world I live in is vastly different than what other people are living in. It’s a dream.”

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