Frank Shamrock discusses sexual molestation

Friday, November 02, 2012

BloodyElbow’s Kid Nate recently conducted an extensive video interview with Frank Shamrock centered on Shamrock’s newly published autobiography Uncaged: My Life as a Champion MMA Fighter.

For some fans, Frank Shamrock is their favorite fighter eva. Others see pomposity, self-promotion, and those braces. Regardless of whether you rate Frank Shamrock higher than Fedor and Couture in the MMA pantheon, or down there somewhere with Dan Quinn and Art Davie, Frank Shamrock’s unblinking honesty about being sexually molested has the potential to help a lot of people.

Kid Nate: If there was a kid like you out there, struggling with a tough home life, what would be the one thing you would have them take away from the book?

Frank Shamrock: That there’s no right or wrong way to survive this thing, but there’s some definite guidelines to stick by, and those are the principles of martial arts. Just being a good person and getting in a good community.

I came from a bad community, so when you come from a place that’s broken, usually you end up in a broken place, because there’s just no tools that get you from broken to fixed.

KN: One of the most disturbing things in the book was you talked about being abused by your step father, and neglected, and you bounced around from your mom’s house to your dad’s house, but the only mention of sexual molestation happened when you were under Bob Shamrock’s care. One of the coaches or aides at his establishment  actually molested you. Do you have conflicting emotions about that? Do you feel like Bob Shamrock let you down? Or…

FS: No, I don’t have any ill will or emotions towards Bob on that. For me, I didn’t know enough about my own sexuality, what was going on, to sort of realize. I knew it was weird, and it made very uncomfortable. It happened twice and after that I was like “stay away from this dude.”

I was young and I didn’t get it. I liked to drink, I was an alcoholic when I was a really young man. I liked to drink and if you gave me drink I’d hang out with you. This guy saw an opportunity there.

The reason I put it into the book is there are a lot of people that have a secret like this. And they’re carrying them around and they’re weighing them down in life. And it’s like people are going “Oh I can’t do this because of that.” No. There’s no this because of that. You can do anything you want. And if thats weighing you down, then get rid of it.

That was a process for me. I had to get rid of it. And I want people to know, it’s all right.

Kid Nate: Cool. As somebody else who survived some stuff in childhood like that, I gotta take my hat off, and I appreciate you coming forward with that, and I think it makes it easier for everybody who has lived through experiences like that. And for kids who might be going through things like that, it’s important to know, you are not doing anything wrong, and these adult are the ones doing something wrong, and it’s nothing to be hidden. So I really appreciate it.