Franklin not retired, eyes late 2013 return

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rich Franklin has only fought three times in the past two years, two of which were losses, and at thirty eight years old, may be near the end of his career. However, that doesn’t mean he is quite done yet, as he told Ariel Helwani on yesterday’s edition of the MMA hour:

“I’d have to check my contract. I have at least one more fight, possibly two more fights left on my contract. I always said I would definitely fulfill my contract, so, looking at that, I at least have that much. I’m not saying I’m only planning on fighting once or twice more, but, as soon as I get this stuff going on my end with this juice business and things are kind of moving in the direction that they should be moving, then I am going to be focused more on, instead of recreationally training, back on specific fight training. Then I’ll look at taking another fight at that point in time which could possibly be toward the end of the year.”

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