Freddie Roach: I don’t think GSP vs. Silva will happen, Silva too big

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

“I’ve trained both guys, and Anderson is a very talented boxer,” said Freddie Roach. “He is very good. He’s 6-0 as a pro in Brazil. He has more experience than a lot of the guys in the UFC.

“But the thing is… he’s just too big, the size difference, they want Georges to go up in weight and him to come down in weight and so forth and Georges told me he’s not comfortable coming up in weight. He likes the weight he’s fighting at now, that’s where he’s best and I don’t think this fight is really going to happen because I think that he’s too big for him.”

” I want to see it (Diaz vs. GSP) becuase they tell he hes the best boxer in MMA, and I don’t see it that way… I have a good gameplan to nullify his offense.”