Freddie Roach: Walk forward with Nick Diaz and he’ll kill you

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sometime trainer to GSP Freddie Roach offered some interesting words on Nick Diaz.

“He’s a tough guy, ok,” said Roach. “He won’t tap out and he’s a tough guy. I’ve never met the person. He might be one of the better punchers in UFC, but he doesn’t fight like a fighter. He doesn’t shuffle in his combinations and doesn’t put any power behind his shots. He walks forward in a straight line and he walks backward in a straight line.

“I’m not really that impressed with his boxing. But, a lot of the UFC guys are from a different background than a boxing program. Most of them are wrestlers and they are more comfortable with the ground game. I’m training “Shogun” Rua right now and he’s punching like crazy right now. He can hit with both hands. But, when I first got him, he hit like a girl.”

“So Diaz, he walks forward with combinations. If you walk forward in a straight line he will kill you. But, the thing is that you just can’t let him do that. You can’t give him momentum.”

Transcription by MMAMania