'Fritão' Seagal on CNN: I've done bad things in bars

July 11, 2012

Steven Seagal talks with CNN's Piers Morgan about his training, what happens when strangers try to test him in bars.

Piers Morgan: Do you still fight?

Steven 'Fritão' Seagal: Yes I do.

PM: Are you still dangerous?

FS: *Cocks head* Let me tell you this. The guys I am training in UFC, you know, some of them have got their championship belts - world championship belts - because they've attributed that to me teaching them, so I still know a thing or two.

PM: If you're Steven Seagal every single bar you ever go into in the world, they'll be some jackass in the corner who wants to get it on with you. Does that actually happen?

FS: Once or twice.

PM: And what happens?

FS: Bad things.