Frye: Henderson doesn’t have ‘a f@(k!n chance’ against Jon Jones

Monday, April 23, 2012

For added effect read the interview in Don Frye’s voice.

Jason Nawara: Did you see the fights last night?

Don Frye: Yeah, yeah I did. Joe Silva does a hell of a job matchmaking, that’s where it all is right there. He deserves all the credit in the world.

JN: Do you think Dan Henderson can beat Jon Jones?

DF: He doesn’t have a f—— chance.

JN: Does anyone?

DF: Don Frye if he got off his lazy ass. I said this about a year ago about the same question. He’s gonna run the gamut in the light heavyweight division until he goes to the heavyweight division. He’s six four and twenty three years old so he can only stay at 205 for so long, so then age and gravity will kick in and he just won’t be able to stay there. So until he moves up to heavy and has a hell of a fight against Junior Dos Santos no one will touch him. Dos Santos is going to run the heavyweight division until Jones gets there. No one can challenge Dos Santos just like no one can challenge Bones at light heavyweight.

JN: Do you keep up with MMA, it seems like your finger is on the pulse.

DF: Of course, if you’re a great athlete, yeah. Even the girls, what’s her name?

JN: Ronda Rousey.

DF: Yeah! Ronda Rousey, dang phenomenal and my old sensei helped train her when she was a little girl, but you won’t hear that. That’s the thing about this game how quickly we forget. Who’s that a——, what’s his name? Dominick Cruz. The guy is full of bulls— and is a lying turd. He says he learned how to fight in his garage? Bulls—. My guy Rocko taught him and then he went off by himself, that guy is a lying scumbag. Rocko trained for a couple years with this a——, and he says something like that? I have no use for him. But I’m a fan of Urijah Faber, so I hope Urijah kills him the next time they fight.

Dominick is an a—— but he’s a good fighter. And in order to be a top fighter you’ve gotta be an a——. At least be an honest a——, give credit where credit is due.

JN: During our conversation I was able to text someone from the site that is with Ronda Rousey right this second, and she says she loves you and your mustache.

DF: Ha! Tell her thank you, I would make a smart ass comment but I’m afraid she’d break my arm. I’d enjoy it if she did it though…

JN: What are your thoughts on Chael?

DF: Chael? He’s an extremely competent fighter, I like Chael. He’s extremely competent because he’s been beaten by the same hold four times haha. You know? Chael Sonnen is fun to listen to, but he doesn’t write his own material. Some homo in Queens living in his mother’s basement in his underwear is writing Chael’s material for him. Chael is a good guy he just isn’t smart enough to do it himself. That’s why he’s a felon, he wasn’t smart enough to not get caught. Hoho!

JN: A lot of people are saying Fedor is tarnishing his legacy by continuing to fight, what are your thoughts?

DF: My wife accused me of the same thing. Fighters fight. That’s what they do. If I wasn’t fighting, or hanging out here at the house doing nothing worrying about my legacy, I don’t care. Fighters fight. If you don’t understand that then I don’t know what to say.

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