GSP: I turned knee injury into a positive thing

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Georges St-Pierre has somehow managed to find the silver lining to reconstructive knee surgery and the lengthy rehab that inevitably follows.

“This injury was a negative thing in the beginning but it became a positive thing at the end,” said the UFC welterweight champion.

“Because it allowed me to correct my training and make it better and improve it.”

St-Pierre has long been known for gruelling workouts and for taking little time off from the gym. He now believes his injury was perhaps caused by that pedal-to-the-metal training approach.

“I had the mentality that more is better, but I realize that’s wrong. Smarter is always better.”

As a result, he says he is enjoying his training more.

“I have more fun doing it,” he said. “I’m more fired up to go train now.”

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