GSP: I’ll pay for VADA testing for rest of my career

Monday, August 12, 2013

GSP is one of the mentally strongest fighters in MMA history, able to execute a gameplan flawlessly, without emotional intrusion or distraction.

When Nick Diaz was matched with St-Pierre at UFC 158, the Stockton native did everything he could to get under GSP’s skin, inlcuding the entirely unfounded charge that GSP used Performance Enhancing Drugs, something St-Pierre has never tested positive for after countless examinations.

“I believe he is on plenty of steroids,” said Diaz. “And I don’t think they test around here, either… If so, he’s probably got a bottle of p— in his pocket. I doubt they’re standing over him making sure he’s not on steroids.”

At the time, GSP expressed a complete willingness to subject himself to the most stringent testing available. Now he is making good on the offer, and he is paying for it.

“One reporter asked me if I would be willing to be tested – I said yes, I would be willing to be tested with VADA,” St-Pierre told “I believe that VADA is the best anti-doping agency in the world. And I’m willing to be tested. You cannot be against.”

“I’m ready to pay myself, because I’m the champion. All from my purse, I paid for the tests because I’m the champion. That’s why I’m ready, I’m ready to do it. That’s a point I want to make.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it for the rest of my career. Of course it sucks. They can come anytime, you have to give your address and then in the morning. It sucks. But it’s my sport and it could be an inconvenience of my job, I’ll do it no problem.”

“A lot of people accuse me. For me, when they accuse me, I take that as a compliment. I believe they compliment my athleticism. I want to prove also that it’s possible to be champion without using drugs, and I know VADA is the most professional, it is the best for that.”

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