GSP: Media can’t create beef with Rory

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and top welterweight Rory MacDonald are clearly on a collision course, and clearly say they are not.

“I won’t fight Georges,” said MacDonald following his win over Jake Ellenberger at UFC on Fox 8. “We’re teammates and friends. I’ve been asked that many times. We’ll come to an alternative idea when we get to that point.”

GSP is equally adamant.

“Rory and I are friends, I don’t know what to say. I’m friends with Rory you know?” said Rush during a UFC media tour stop in Las Vegas. “We text, we call each other, we’re friends.”

And St-Pierre is too media savvy to get caught into the kind of verbal misunderstanding that sparked off the fight between former teammates Rashad Evans and Jon Jones. When asked “what if Rory MacDonald changes his mind and says he’ll fight you?” ‘Rush’ won’t bite.

“This is that hypothetical world, the reporters you guys want a story to make a conflict happening between me and Rory,” parried St-Pierre. “It’s not going to happen. Rory and I are tight, we’re friends. There’s many ways of doing this.

“Maybe I might go up, maybe he might go up, there’s many other options. I have plans for my career. I cannot tell you everything, guys. There are other things. I don’t want to fight Rory.”

White has said repeatedly that it is GSP who is playing the media, and that the reality is plain for all to see.

“If you don’t think (MacDonald) wants to fight Georges St-Pierre, if you don’t think he wants a shot at that 170-pound title, and if you don’t think he wants to be the world champion and make the kind of money that Georges St-Pierre makes, you’re crazy, my friend.”

“I… guarantee you that in no way, shape or form does Georges St-Pierre think that Rory MacDonald doesn’t want to fight him.”

The question won’t really matter until after Georges fights No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 on Nov 16, but what do you think UG? Does Rory really want to fight Georges? And goes George know it?

Transcription via B/R