GSP gives edge to Hendricks at UFC 171

March 10, 2014

At this weekend's UFC 171 Johny Hendricks will battle Robbie Lawler for the vacant welterweight title. The man who vacated the title, Georges St-Pierre recently commented on who he thought had the edge heading into the fight this weekend at UFC 171.

"It’s a fight where anything can happen," St-Pierre told The Canadian Press. "Both guys can put each other to sleep. They have a lot of power in striking, but I believe Hendricks has the edge in this fight because I believe he will come more well-prepared with his team and he’s got an edge in the grappling department."

Hendricks (15-2) is a former two-time NCAA wrestling champion.

St-Pierre (25-2) left a 12-fight winning streak and a string of UFC records behind him. But he says it won’t be strange seeing someone else have his belt strapped around their waist.

"No, because it was my choice to give away the title. It was my choice so I don’t regret anything. I feel very good and I’m happy that I did it. I feel better now."

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