GSP on $50,000,000 rumor: ‘It is not true’

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The MMA Beat’s Mike Straka recently said that UFC Welterweight champion wanted $50,000,000 to fight Anderson Silva.

“I was told by somebody very close to Georges that Georges today makes close to $8 million a fight,” related Straka. “So to fight Anderson Silva he’s going to ask for $50,000,000.”

“Because he said that Georges has ten fights left in his career at $8,000,000 a fight. But he believes that Anderson could actually hurt him, could physically hurt him and end his career. So to take that chance he wants $50 million and that’s exactly the number he’s going to go to Dana White with.”

Most fans were dismissive of the figure, and in an interview with Canada’s 98.5 FM, GSP was too.

“I have not been informed of this, it is not true,” said GSP. “Nobody told me about it and I am in France now, I have not seen the article.”

Straka however is standing by the piece, via Twitter:
Mike Straka ‏@MikeStraka
All I’m going to say about the 50m dollar ask is that I stand by my story. Personally I’d love to see MMA stars get that kind of purse.