GSP pulling for Diaz, November return

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tonight Georges St-Pierre made an appearance HDNet’s Inside MMA, a weekly show focusing on the sport of mixed martial arts on Mark Cuban’s HD Net, a channel that has supported the sport for years

The current welterweight champion discussed the surgery on his knee, rehab, and when he intends to return and against whom he’s hoping to fight

“I do actually care. There are two guys that are fighting, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit — Carlos Condit is a very nice guy. I never trained with him but I have trained in Albuquerque along with some of his teammates, and he’s a very nice guy. I like him a lot. But, the reason why I wish Nick Diaz to win this fight is that I want to fight Nick Diaz. I don’t wanna fight Carlos Condit. I wanna fight Nick Diaz. But, in another way, I just hope the best man will win. But if the best man is Nick Diaz, I will appreciate it more, because it will be a better build up for a fight.

“That’s really the fight that I wanted to have and the fight was going to happen in the beginning. And it didn’t happen, because he (Diaz) didn’t show up for the promotion. Then after I got hurt and this whole thing happened and — that’s really the fight that I wanted to have happen. Even though I like Carlos Condit better as a person, I would rather fight Nick Diaz.”

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