GSP uses 19th century psychological technique

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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UFC Welterweight champion St-Pierre spoke to the media on Thursday inside Montreal’s New City Gas nightclub, and riffed on a 19th-Century psychological theory and how it has helped him in approaching Saturday night’s welterweight title unification bout against interim champion Carlos Condit.

When asked when he ever felt this at ease entering a fight, St-Pierre revealed, “I’ve never really felt like this to tell you the truth. Before I felt like this, but I was very crazy nervous, I’m very nervous, don’t get me wrong, but it’s all about acting.

“It’s about confidence, it’s called the James-Lange theory, your mind can dictate your body. If you’re scared, if you want a drink, you’re thirsty, your body tells your mind you want water, your body tells your mind to grab the water, but the other way around is possible too.

“James-Lange theory, that means I’m scared, I’m nervous, but I act like it’s all good and I’m all good and my body will dictate my mind.”

“It’s a good trick, every athlete does it. Michael Jordan, before he became successful he was acting like a champion. Tiger Woods, everyone does it, it’s all in the mind.”

“My training is done, there’s nothing I can do to be stronger, sharper, better than I am.  The only thing I can change is my mind. I try and stay positive and enjoy every second of it.”

When asked about Anderson Silva’s expected presence, the Canadian was terse.

“He doesn’t take any of my focus,” said GSP. “I don’t care about him. He can do whatever he wants. I focus on one thing and that’s Carlos Condit.”

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