GSP win Sat would break multiple records

Thursday, November 14, 2013

UFC welterweight Georges St-Pierre boasts the longest title reign in division history, but if he beats Johny Hendricks Saturday night at UFC 167, three records will in all probability fall, as detalied by FightMatrix:

Record 1: A victory gives GSP the most wins in the UFC ever with 19, breaking the current tie with former champions Matt Hughes and Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, and Anderson Silva have 16, while Jon Fitch and Tito Ortiz have 15.

Record 2: A victory gives GSP the most title bout wins ever with 12, breaking the current tie with former middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Record 3: Win, lose or draw, if the fight goes over 39 seconds, GSP will earn the record for most time in the Octagon. Current records are:
BJ Penn 5:03:51
Georges St-Pierre 5:03:12
Tito Ortiz 5:01:53
Randy Couture 4:40:06
Frankie Edgar 4:31:11
Ortiz and Couture are retired from the UFC, so are no threat. Both BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar are active and could eventually surpass the record, but this is the most likely record to fall Saturday night.