Galvao: Anderson Silva was relieved after the loss

Friday, July 12, 2013

The post fight buzz on Anderson Silva losing hit title to Chris Weidman exceeds that of any other event in memory. The latest news comes from Brazil’s Tatame, via google translate.

When Matt Hughes lost his title to BJ Penn in January of 2004 at UFC 46: Super Natural, he smiled in the ring afterwards. It is extraordinarily hard to win a world championship, but even harder still to keep it. The loss relieved Hughes of a pressure so few can truly understand, that comes with being a great champion in a combat sport.

Two time world BJJ champion Andre Galvao, a Team Nogueira teammate of Anderson Silva, said The Spider was relieved after the loss to Weidman.

“On the one hand this defeat was good for him,” said Galvao. “He always won the fights, even when they had everything to lose. So, I think he will take a lesson from it all. When the fight ended, he came to himself. He was relieved to have taken that pressure off his back. But the record took a fall and when he fell, he became very sad and apologized for the whole team.”

Galvao said further, that Silva was considering retirement before the Weidman fight.

“He became a celebrity, everyone knows who he is, had no peace anywhere,” said Galvao. “He was tired. Win or lose, he was considering retiring, but I think this defeat will bring him more motivation to keep fighting.”

Galvao also said the loss held lessons.

“Never underestimate opponents, regardless of who, we have to stay focused,” said Galvao. “Anderson had a lot of pressure on him, always having to show that he is the best. After the fight he said he lost focus, he lost his emotional balance.”

“There was a lack of humility. He lost his emotional balance. He is very confident and believed in himself… But this defeat humanized Anderson. Everyone thought he was a God who could win any time he wanted… This proves that no one is invincible. If he got a knockout doing that, everyone would be saying now that he is a genius, an unbeatable phenomenon.”

“When he fights now, the weight is off, he’ll fights looser, more comfortable, and does not have the pressure of having to defend the belt.”

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