Gamburyan more comfortable at 145 than fighting ‘185’ lb. guys

Monday, September 27, 2010

Luke Thomas: Alright, again, that fight’s gonna be September 30, live on Versus at the FirstBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. Manny, a lot of folks here – we run – they had a ton of questions about the decision to drop to featherweight. Overall, what was it? What compelled you to say, “I can be more competitive at featherweight than I can at lightweight?”

Manny Gamburyan:
My last fight in the UFC against Thiago Tavares, I felt disadvantaged. You know, he overpowered me with like 20 to 25 pounds. I walked in the ring at around 160, 161. I even asked him after the fight how much he weighed and he said about 185. I felt like it was a disadvantage and I had to make a move. Thanks to Joe Silva, he offered me to fight in the WEC, he thought I could do much better here. And here I am fighting in the biggest fight of my career.

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