Gerald Harris: Net anonymity breeds MMA haters

Monday, October 03, 2011

If you trane UFC rather than MMA, perhaps you  were unaware that Gerald Harris notched a significant victory a couple of weekends ago. In a closely contested fight, he bested PRIDE and UFC vet Kazuhiro Nakamura by split decision at DREAM.17, broadcast  on HDNet..

You’d think Harris would get a few characters of encouragement on Twitter or on the message boards. He did, but he also got more than a few folks who were less than impressed by his win.

“As for our sport, there’s nothing I can say to change anybody’s mind, and I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind,” Harris told Radio. “They whine a lot. It’s like they want Bonnar Griffin every fight, and I think a lot of them are losing the educational sport part of it. It’s like, if it’s not a slugfest, it’s not a fight. And that’s not always true in MMA.”

“They tell you you suck and they hate watching your fights, but they know your whole life.”

“The funny thing about the haters is, it’s easy to hate on Twitter,. It’s easy to hate on [The Underground] because you’re hiding behind a screen name. Nobody hates on Facebook.”

“I almost turned my Twitter off at one point. (Muhammed) ‘King Mo’ Lawal turned his off and then turned it on again.”

“There’s some people where no matter what you do, you can’t please some people. I don’t aim to please anybody or entertain. I go out there to do my thing, and if entertaining thing happen, then so be it.”

“Think about the UFC fights. People know where the hotel is. They’re waiting in the lobby taking pictures. They’re going to lose that if they keep being so threatening. There are people out there saying, ‘When I see you, I’m going to fight you.’ That’s not legal. Don’t do that.”

“This is the thing that I’m going to warn them about. If you are actually a fan of somebody, (and) if you want to keep this relationship with MMA to where you can actually walk up to a guy and speak to him or talk to him on Twitter – I answer Facebook notes, (and) I talk to the fans, guys that are [fighting] – they’re going to lose that if they keep hating so hard.”

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