Gerald Harris requests comprehensive PED testing from NSAC

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission

From: GeraldHares
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Hello, my name is Gerald Harris and I will be competing in the Mixed Martial Arts event World Series of Fighting. This event takes place next Saturday November 3rd and I’m glad to be a part it. I am sending this letter to request that my opponent and I are to be drug/PED tested for every bout that I compete in Nevada.

I will make this request in every state that I compete in, but my future is with WSOF and they are based in your state. I have competed in Las Vegas, NV in the past and had a great time. I actually enjoy being tested because, I and many other athletes live a clean, healthy, drug free lifestyle.

The recent increase in Mixed Martial Arts failed drug test has led many trainers, fighters, and fans to believe that over 50% of our athletes are using some form of performing enhancement drug. I cannot speak for others, but I do believe those numbers are over hyped, and the only thing I can do is offer my honesty.

I am doing this to show the fans that there are plenty of clean athletes out there. The assumption that we are mostly all using PED’s really bothers me, because I train so hard, respect my body, and sacrifice so much to compete. I cannot accept being labled as a possible cheater. As a father, I instill the same values in my children and living a clean lifestyle will allow me to hopefully live a long healthy life to care for them.

I hope you take this letter into consideration,


Gerald D. Harris II
World Series of Fighting

p.s. I have included a reference. Dr ************* is one of Oklahoma’s most highly respected men in the medical and sports business. I also agree to any testing during my camps, before/after fights, & random drug testing at any point/time.