Glory CEO: DREAM staying in Japan, GLORY coming to America, soon

Monday, December 31, 2012

DREAM and GLORY have teamed up to promote a massive 20 bout kickboxing and MMA fight card on New Years Eve. The card will air in the USA on the CBS Sports Network, over two days.

At 10 p.m. ET on Monday, Dec. 31 CBS Sports Network broadcast will air the GLORY card. On Tuesday, New Years Day at 10 p.m. ET, the channel will air the DREAM portion of the card.

A live broadcast from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan will be available online at

The GLORY card includes a one-night, 16-man heavyweight kickboxing tournament. Fighters inlcuding Semmy Schilt, Remy Bonjasky, Gokhan Saki, and Peter Aerts will be competing for a $400,000 first-place prize.

The DREAM card includes:
Shinya Aoki vs. Antonio McKee
Bibiano Fernandes vs. Yoshiro Maeda
Melvin Manhoef vs. Denis Kang
Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Georgi Karakhanyan
Satoru Kitaoka vs. Will Brooks
Phil Baroni vs. Hayato Sakurai
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Michihiro Omigawa
Marloes Coenen vs. Fiona Muxlow

GLORY CEO Marcus Luer cameon the UG Saturday night from Japan, and took on any and all questions.

torquemada –  What are your long term plans to keep this organization running? TV deal? Ppv? Phone Post

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Yes TV is a very important source of revenue worldwide, our NYE show will air in over 200 countries already, PPV is the ultimate trick for sure.

ender852 –  Please air the events live in the future.

Marcus Luer – That’s the plan for sure.

bearockbrobama –  The PPV is $20 (single view) and the monthly subscription is $20 (loads of content). If I purchase the monthly subscription do I get Dream.18?

Marcus Luer – Yes as a monthly subscriber you should be able to see both of the NYE shows.

Eunuchorn – This is the k1 tourney in spirit.
john joe – its minimum two vintage K1 tourneys in one, and about seven current K-1 standard tourneys in one. The depth of talent on this card in ONE NIGHT is absolutely insane. Its a guaranteed deliverer of KO after KO – eg, definitely Ghita, Saki, Aerts, Kharitonov are all going to spark their first-round opponents imo – and anyone who hasn’t watched a kickboxing event like this before is going to be absolutely blown away; the whole tournament is 15 fights and i reckon at least 60%+ will be a stoppage.

Marcus Luer – You are spot on John. our guys have ridiculous knock out ratios, some as high as 70-80%. Ghita is 44 wins (34KO).  It will be a KO feast. GLORY KICKBOXING – BAM!

john joe – Marcus,
•1. Can you tell us anything about plans for the US market, with live shows and television etc?
•2. Semmy Schilt is Glory Heavyweight Champion; who is next in line for a title shot? Does it depend on who stands out in the tournament on Dec 31? Does the Tyrone Spong/Remy Bonjasky fight on March 16 have any implications?
•3. Has the US got talent to compete in a sport dominated by the Dutch/Europeans?
•4. Is GLORY going to be expanding beyond kickboxings flagship Heavyweight and Lightweight (70k) divisions? Theres a lot of talent at light-heavy and middleweight, for example. K1 were never interested because the Japanese like giants and people their own size but for the rest of the world there’s some top talent out there.
cheers John @ Fighters Only

Marcus Luer – Yes big plans for the US. Good questions, here we go
•1. Premier on CBS Sports Network on NYE as you guys know , don’t miss that Dec 31st 10pm EST GLORY 4, Jan 1st, 10pm EST DREAM.18
•2. We will launch our development series called “Road to GLORY”  (R2G) in Feb in the US. Details will be out soon, currently first show is planned in Tulsa, OK.  It will be 8 man tournaments to find the next American GLORY Kickboxing Superstar. We will run these events across the US in six weight classes from 143 Pds to Heavyweight. The winner takes home US$ 20,000 and gets a 1 yr contract with GLORY to fight in the big GLORY events.  Fighters who believe they have what it takes can register on
•3. Planning to wrap up our TV deal and launch in April and on the back of that have the first full GLORY show in the US in May/June.  The plan is to have 2-3 shows in the US in 2013.
•4. We are convinced that the US has talent to compete but they need to step up and show us. We are ready to give them a chance but our current GLORY Kickboxing Superstars aren’t rolling over for anybody. The American’s have to come and take it to them. Can’t wait for our R2G in the US to see what is on offer.
•5. Our ranking system will determine the Title defenses. Fighters will be awarded points for wins in the tournament and also for individual Superfights. after each event we will recalculate the points and will present a clear ranking system. We are still developing how we best present this on the website.
•6. Yes six weight classes. 143pds (flyweight), 154pds (lightweight), 170pds (welterweight), 187pds (middleweight), 209 pds (light Heavy) and above 209 pds for HW.  Plenty for everyone to find their sweet spot

Cyril Jeff –  What will separate Glory from other orgs?
Will you plan on growing an US talent organically?
How much input does Bas have on day to day affairs?
Really looking forward to the show, congrats!

Marcus Luer – good questions.
•1. We have a strong management team with global expertise in sports, TV, finance, etc and we are adding strong new people in key positions and key markets constantly. So we are rock solid and have a long term view.
•2. See my earlier reply on R2G. that’s our development program for the US. We have talent scouts all over the US and new fighters are being presented to us every day.

standupwarrior – Hey Marcus – What fighting discipline do you feel is the single best to train in for someone who wants to become a Glory champ?

Marcus Luer – We believe anyone with a strong Stand up Martial Arts background has a shot. Semmy Schilt is a Karate man. Clearly the style of fighting which has been developed by some of the Dutch gyms has been most effective in the old K1, so watch what these guys do and learn from the best. Cor Hemmers who is on our team is the man.

ThEUniT –  A CBS deal is huge. Will Dream look to hire top prospects and is an event in the US planed. Thank You for coming by MMA.TV

Marcus Luer –  Yes the CBS deal is a great start and we are excited.
There are no plans for DREAM to go outside Japan.  GLORY will be rolling into the US very soon.

L0br0w – “Any US Cards in the future?”
Glory is teaming with CBS Sports Network to broadcast their events in the US. They will also be doing $20 ppv streams through their website.
Glory has a card planned for Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 1st. There will be a one night, eight man tournament and it will be filled with formerly retired fighters, mma rejects and karate guys. Kimbo Slice will be in the tournament. It looks pretty terrible TBH. The one so called “superfight” that has been leaked so far is Mighty Mo/Jerome Lebanner.
Also, to the guy asking what style you would train in order to become a kickboxing world champion, the answer would be to train kickboxing in a gym like Chakuriki, far far from the US.

Marcus Luer – the Tulsa show is not a regular GLORY card, it’s part of “ROAD TO GLORY” which means our development program and only the winner gets a chance to fight in the big GLORY shows. BIG DIFFERENCE MY FRIEND

erichaycraft –  So many assumptions on these Road to Glory tournaments. Rumors are not so accurate.
I have one can we expect a 16 man slam style tournament for other weight divisions as well?

Marcus Luer – For now only 8 man SLAMs are planned for the new Weight classes (outside of 154pds/70kg and HW). If the talent pool becomes large enough than a 16 man GRAND SLAM would be possible.

erichaycraft –  This NYE show is obviously huge. Aside from Japan what markets are among your priority for GLORY growth?

Marcus Luer – USA right on top, JAPAN and UK are our top three for next year. we will host events in a few other European countries as well including Italy, Turkey and Croatia

CindyO – Does Scott Coker have anything to do with Dream, Glory, or this event???

Marcus Luer – Nope besides watching it Ringside.

Kirik – I have never been able to figure out why the USA has produced so few top flight kickboxers. Any ideas why?

Marcus Luer – Top athletes go where the money is. There never was big cash in the old Kickboxing. that has now changed GLORY KICKBOXING is giving Stand up fighters a real career path. We pay decent fight fees, some of our top guys make similar cash to MMA fighters, we have nice big prize money for the tournaments. In total we will be paying US$ 1 mil over two tournaments this year alone. So there is cash now for a fighter to build a career and focus full time on his sport.

Zilla2000 – Are there any plans for kickboxing events held in the US? Maybe Oklahoma?

Marcus Luer – yes we are planning three proper GLORY events in the US in 2013, venues/cities tbc.
In addition we will be hosting 5-6 Road to GLORY events to identify new American talent. One of these shows will be in Tulsa in Feb. come check it out.

matazurka –
Mighty Mo vs Jerome Le Banner in Tulsa? is this for the Glory Veteran Trophy?
Are the 3 US events in Tulsa, San Diego and San Francisco?
Would you consider to open a Glory gym in the US?

Marcus Luer – As explained before TULSA is a ROAD TO GLORY show which is there to identify NEW American talent. Any potential Superfight is just add some color to the event, that’s not the main purpose. Why don’t you try to get into the ring with MM or JLB and see what happens. These guys are still tough.
Yes we are looking at San Diego as well for a R2G, Pechanga.
Yes we are looking at a opening a GYM inthe US. part of a long term picture

Chris27 – Not a huge kickboxing fan but its good to see K1 on Spike and GG coming to the US in 2013. I just dont see it taking off like mma did.

Marcus Luer – Don’t hold your breath on K1 on Spike.
GLORY is ready for prime time, just watch this space.

UGCTT_mrzipplokk – Do you feel that Zuffa, UFC Inc have a ‘monopoly’ ? Or are they just doing mma better than everyone else at this moment in time ?
Also, from an employee standpoint, not management, do you think all fighters would benefit from a ‘fighters’ union representation ?

Marcus Luer – there is no monopoly, anyone can get a license and start an MMA promotion, they just do a better job than everyone else right now.