Goddard defends call in Guillard/Pearson bout

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Ultimate Fight Night 30 co-main event was looking to be an exciting bout between two dynamic strikers in Melvin Guillard and Ross Pearson. Unfortunately early in the first round, Guillard throw some knees to a downed Pearson causing the referee to stop the action, and subsequently the doctor to call a no-contest as Pearson had a deep cut in his forehead. Referee Mark Goddard was a guest on today’s MMA Hour to defend his actions inside the cage:

“It wasn’t the first knee that Melvin delivered,” Goddard explained. “It was actually the second knee, and it was the second knee that opened up the cut.

“I saw Ross’ hand, and when I say hand, I mean his palm. His entire hand. It wasn’t what we’re used to before with the fingertips and playing the game, as me and a couple of other refs will allude to. This was a deliberate action, in terms of Ross making himself safe, putting his full hand down on the mat. The knee came in, connected with the forehead. That’s what caused the cut. That’s exactly what I saw, and that’s why I stopped the fight at that time to deal with it.”

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