Gracie: Jackson approach won’t catch trust of the fans

Monday, August 27, 2012

It’s been a long few days for Greg Jackson and his renowned team, as even before he and Jon Jones came under fire for not accepting a bout with Chael Sonnen, the gym went 1-3 at the most recent Strikeforce event.

“Number one, let me say that I really don’t know Greg personally, so I don’t want to say anything against his character because I don’t have anything personal against him,” said Cesar Gracie. “But I look at things from the angle of fighting, and the guys I admired coming up were the Chuck Liddells of the world…the champs that fought anybody, and I see the people out of Greg Jackson’s and it’s a different approach. I don’t think that approach is going to capture the imagination and trust of the fans.”

“When I see people trying to get the decision by dancing around, and I see a lot of that with one particular camp, then yeah, I’m going to criticize it. I think this is another reflection of that. Don’t take this fight, who knows why, because strategically it might not be good for you.”

“I’m not privy to their circumstances, but from looking at it just cut and dry, I wouldn’t do the same thing. I wouldn’t tell my guy ‘don’t fight’, because Chael and Henderson are similar. They’re wrestlers who pack a hard punch and it’s a very similar fight, except Chael hasn’t been training, so I would have definitely had them fight.”

“There’s guys there that are pretty remarkable; without a doubt. They’ve assembled a lot of great fighters together. I like Donald Cerrone; I like the way he fights.

“I used to be a fan of Carlos Condit, before the whole thing with Nick Diaz. I was expecting a dog fight, and we were promised that, but it didn’t happen…There’s obviously a lot of talented people over and I do like watching some of them fight.”

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